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Look what we can do together, Contribution is a chain of hope.

We have a lot of work to do, and your generous donation helps us get that important work done.

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Feed The Hungry, Feed Your Soul. A Little Help Is What They Need.

He who has never denied himself for the sake of giving, has but glanced at the joys of charity.

Child Hope Development Organization


Child Hope Development Organization is a child-advocacy organization that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty. The organization releases child from economic, social, and physical poverty. The goal is for each child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult.

Child Hope Development Organization work has grown from modest beginnings in Serengeti in 2013 Pastor Emmanuel Maro and his friends felt compelled to help 15 children from poor families in Ikoma village in Serenget district. This was how Child Hope Development Organization began in 2013.

“The work we do is a drop in the ocean but if we did not do this work, the ocean would have one less drop.”

Why We Help

Seven out of every 10 children in Tanzania are living in poverty according to new report by national bureau of statistic. According to the report it show that 26 percent of children are from poor house hold,and thus deprived of basic need like health,education and sanitation.

Our Focus

Child Hope Development Organization focuses on children because they are great value and to help them is a strategic because they will become agents of change for their communities

The organization is child centered, it has a high level of community involvement and responds to the literacy needs of children in Serengeti and Moshi rural.

We improve the lives of children through education, enables them to realize their potentials and nartures them into responsible citizen.

Is to reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS, high illiteracy levels, unemployment and social injustice among the most at risk population.

Life in Tanzania

Life in Tanzania is not easy, but a stable government and fertile land enable people to make a living. Improvements in healthcare and education, as well as economic growth, have raised the standard of living in recent years. However; there are many sections of society these raised standards of living have not yet reached. Due to a lack of income many of Tanzania’s children have no access to secondary school or further education.

What We Do

Our Volunteering Programmes

Our volunteering programme started to support our projects and with one key principle transparency and itis divided into six parts.

Hiv/aids Awareness and Counselling Project

Volunteer in the HIV/AIDS Awareness Project in Tanzania and help to prevent the heartbreaking disease. In 2009, Unicef estimated that about 1,500,000 Tanzanians

Women Empowerment Program

With two-thirds of the world’s illiterate population female and countless girl still children not receiving a basic education, supporting women in developing countries

Education Program

Expanding opportunities for your students! Like most countries, the demand for English is constantly increasing Tanzania as international tourism and trade expand.

Health Program

Improve Tanzanian healthcare and discover the beauty of Tanzania. CHF in Tanzania, you can combine your generosity, professional goals and adventurous side all into one.

Serengeti kindergarten school

This project is focused on guaranteeing free quality primary scholarship with the necessary infrastructure and equipment, as well as covering basic needs in school, food, health and hygiene.