Tanzania’s government have made great advances in recent years when it comes to education. With new initiatives such as no longer charging to attend primary school, the number of children attending some form of education is now at its highest rate yet – around 96%. Although this is a great success, it has brought about several new problems, which are adversely impacting the quality of education provided.

With so many children now attending school, there is simply not enough funding nor resources to cater for everyone. Most classes have an average ratio of 1 teacher to 60 children, with this being even higher in rural areas. This has resulted in the vast majority of children not receiving enough time and dedication in order to succeed and with many being taught in unfinished or dilapidated schools

 With over one third of people in Tanzania living below the national poverty line, education is key to helping develop the children’s future. With tourism now being one of the major industries for the country and with this thought to keep expanding, the ability to speak English dramatically increases the opportunities for the children to go on and gain meaningful employment.

The Education Program deals with education-related challenges in the community. Our goal is to improve education, change the perception of education. For this purpose, we have various projects that enable

  • Building educational centers, construction, rehabilitation and/or extension
  • Provide pre-primary education
  • Educational materials and specific equipment
  • Capacity Building for education stalkholdres
  • School integration
  • Implementation of a quality educational model
    in terms of methodology, resources, seminars and technology
  • Trainings for facilitators

Scholarship programs for students in primary, secondary and college