HIV/AIDS Awareness and counselling Project


Volunteer in the HIV/AIDS Awareness Project in Tanzania and help to prevent the heartbreaking disease. In 2009, Unicef estimated that about 1,500,000 Tanzanians of all ages are living with HIV/AIDS. Can you imagine that? At least you can help, as volunteers are urgently needed to educate Tanzanians on the causes, effects and preventions of HIV/AIDS and to provide support to those who are already infected.

HIV/AIDS is atrocious in Tanzania as it tears apart families and communities and leaves people suffering. As a volunteer in the HIV/AIDS Awareness Project in Tanzania, you can use the power of education to save lives while providing reassurance and care to Tanzanians who are regrettably living with the disease.

No specific qualifications or prior experiences are required to volunteer in the HIV/AIDS Awareness Project in Tanzania. You’re expected to have a basic knowledge of English to communicate with the project staff and local people. 

You should have qualities such as love & passion for helping others, a genuine interest in disease prevention, patience, compassion, endurance and so on. You should also be flexible and have the desire to learn and serve people of a new culture and religion.

Your Responsibilities

as a Volunteer

Each volunteer in Tanzania working in the HIV/AIDS Awareness Project will participate in a wide range of activities, depending on individual skills and interests and the needs of local organizations. Activities may include:

  • Counseling infected patients
  • Working with community groups
  • Preparing materials for educating communities about HIV/AIDS
  • Educating locals about the causes, effects and preventions of HIV/AIDS
  • Taking care of infected Tanzanians
  • Helping to provide medication to fight health concerns such as fevers, coughing, diarrhea, etc.
  • Leading and participating in support groups
  • Supporting infected families with basic necessities
  • Maintaining and constructing clinics

Please Note:

The work is very flexible. You will receive your work schedule from the local project staff or coordinator in charge of your project. You are expected to work 3 to 4 hours a day from Monday to Friday. You will always have time for tourism and holidays. Your work schedule can always be adjusted to suit your needs. Remember, the activities mentioned above are just an outline. Your project coordinator might also request your assistance in other projects or related activities.