Life in Tanzania


Life in Tanzania is not easy, but a stable government and fertile land enable people to make a living.  Improvements in healthcare and education, as well as economic growth, have raised the standard of living in recent years. However; there are many sections of society these raised standards of living have not yet reached.  Due to a lack of income many of Tanzania’s children have no access to secondary school or further education.

This inevitably leads to future unemployment and a continuation of the cycle of poverty.  Furthermore, most of the increased standards of living have recently been eroded due to the staggering impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  According to the World Bank, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania now stands at between 5.8 and 7.2%, and this figure increases to 25% in some areas and social groups.  Life expectancy is currently only 52 years of age, and the GDP per capita in Tanzania is $744 USD (UNDP Human Development Index 2005.

While devastating to the economy and society of Tanzania, the HIV/AIDS epidemic has been especially damaging to the lives of the children.  HIV/AIDS tends to strike the most active members of society, those aged 18 to 49, and therefore an extraordinary number of children have lost one or both parents to the disease.

These children are forced to find homes with relatives or guardians.  Some find themselves as head of their households, responsible for their younger siblings, all of which leaves them particularly vulnerable to exploitation.

Without parents to care for them these children too often slip through the cracks, drop out of school and fall prey to illness and malnutrition, The help from volunteers is greatly needed and highly appreciated. 

Helping Abroad invites you to volunteer in Tanzania to work in a variety of community development projects such as assisting orphanage homes, teaching English in schools, working in clinics/hospitals and promoting HIV/AIDS awareness and strengthen women’s empowerment groups.

As a volunteer in Tanzania, you will enrich the lives of others while exploring an enthralling and scenic African country. 

As you expand your worldly views, you will grow personally, professionally and emotionally and above all, increase the quality of life for Tanzanians and truly make a difference in the world.