More Activities


Youth  Program

The youth empowerment project is aimed at stimulating the involvement of young people in the development process of community structures .The involvement of volunteers offers an opportunity to develop the potential of the youth hence the realization of sustainable development. Specifically, the project intends to offer youths a series of inter-connected interventions to: build skills, facilitate appropriate career choices, and provide employment and/or income generating opportunities.

Building& Maintenance project.

You may find that the way you’re used to working on building projects back home can be very different from this experience; the materials used are often more simple and there can be limited tools for construction. There are no specific qualifications to volunteer in this project. However, engineers and volunteers with skills in construction, cultural conservation and community leading are highly valuable. Other than that, all you need is a positive attitude and an open minded, caring and flexible personality.

Environmental Conservation

Child Hope Development Organization (CHDO) is a non-profit organization that strives to stop environmental destruction and raise conservation awareness in Moshi,&Serengeti.

Agricultural Business Development

Volunteers needed to assist in the process of women empowerment of a community group through teaching of modern agricultural skills.

Soccer Trainer,coaching and physical training

Volunteers  interested in sharing their skills and passion for sports are welcome to work alongside staff members who guide local  You will work with sport teachers in local primary school, secondary school and kindergarten.

Community Tourism and Enterprise Development, Tanzania

As volunteers you will be living in rural Serengeti gaining hands on practical experience at grassroots level, Use your business and marketing skills to increase the employability of local people who can then find work in the tourism industry, Live and work in stunning rural area, with friendly locals and plenty of wildlife safari opportunities.

Elder Helpers program

We believe that compassion at its finest is free. Volunteers register to offer their services based on their true desire to help elders. The Elder Helpers program strives to safely and conveniently connect these dedicated, passionate volunteers with elders in their local communities.

Computer Skills volunteers

Women group of Kilimanjaro&Serengeti should get a fair chance to learn, discover and use this valuable invention in a constructive way for the betterment of their country and their own socio-economic and educational status. Every girl, every married or unmarried woman, widow, spinster, should be given an opportunity with some kind of compulsion to learn how to use computers and know what wonders can they do to their lives.

The 70 percent of Tanzanians whose primary occupation is agriculture should be individually taught how to use internet and computers as a medium to improve their agricultural practices and use the technological advancement to the best of their interests.