Who is Child Hope Development Organization?


 Hope has three components.

  • First, hope is a vision, a goal, a desire that wants to be accomplished, a possible future that is desirable. It adds meaning and thrive, a reason to live.
  • Secondly, hope has pathways that allow to attain it.
  • And last but not least, hope needs grid, boldness, stamina, endurance, resilience as well as ability and willingness.

We so often define hope as this sense of a great possible future that keeps us going.  this possible future needs to be attainable. If not, we either are into wishful thinking or self-deception.for our case hope organization.

Hope is the belief that circumstances(poverty) in the future will be better. It’s not a wish that things will get better, but an actual belief, even when there may be no evidence that anything will change

Barack Obama titled his first book “The Audacity of Hope,” which is a phrase he heard in a sermon by Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Wright preached on a painting that featured a woman in rags and covered in wounds. Though her harp had only one string, she made music to praise God, and Wright said it was this act that was audacious. She could have just sat there, miserable, and wished for things to get better.

Instead, when there seems to be no hope, making the choice to believe that there is indeed hope, and that there is indeed a better life ahead, is what God wants for us. Obama secularized Wright’s message in his campaign, and urged voters to see that with different leadership, our own American dreams can be realized. And no matter the situation, a person can choose hope as a means of looking toward the future.

Child Hope Development Organization is a child-advocacy organization that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty.

The organization releases child from economic, social, and physical poverty. The goal is for each child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult.

Child Hope Development Organization work has grown from modest beginnings in Serengeti in 2013 Pastor Emmanuel Maro and his friends  felt compelled to help 15 children from poor families in Robanda village in serenget district. This was how child Hope Development Organization began in 2013