Women’s Empowerment project

south east Moshi

With two-thirds of the world’s illiterate population female and countless girl still children not receiving a basic education, supporting women in developing countries is vital to helping overcome critical social issues such as poverty and unemployment. 

By supporting women in society and giving them access to equal opportunities such as an education, jobs and health care, everyone benefits. Infant mortality rates go down, more children stay in school, incomes increase and the cycle of poverty can be broken.

By volunteering on this program , you will  partner with  our local NGO that is running an innovative project to lift women out of the poverty trap and get them off the streets.The project takes in destitute women, some who are fleeing domestic abuse, some who have been stigmatized due to the death of their husbands due to HIV or AIDs and some who are single parents who cannot support themselves.

The programme has space for 35 women and looks after them until they graduate from the program able to support themselves.

The project empowers the women by teaching them vocational skills such as computing, sewing or making handicrafts so that they can set up their own businesses or seek employment and graduate from the project.

The project organizes the women into collectives, giving them seed capital to start their own businesses but also provides financial planning and accounting support even when they have graduated from the initial project.

The project is particularly keen for people to help teach English, computing, sewing or other vocational skills that the women can use to set up their own businesses or find employment.

The empowerment project operates a micro finance scheme and gives continuing support and advise for the women on how to make the most of their capital. Therefore, the project is very keen for volunteers with business, banking or accountancy experience.

The women come from diverse and troubled backgrounds so those with skills in psychotherapy, counseling, addiction and health care are also highly sought.

With the support of  Margarethe Garttner  and Kathrin from Germany, Amani women group has introduced a pilot project with chickens in TPC in south east  Moshi and then  it will be replicated in Serengeti and Tanga It is also the plan that the existing groups will help new groups get started.