Our Volunteering programmes


Our volunteering programme started to support our projects and  with one key principle transparency and itis divided into  six parts.

Our Mission

Our aim remains the same to work in partnership with local communities and connect them with great people like you and thus change people’s lives and who knows end poverty in every community in which we work. It’s no small task and we can only do it with your support so why not join us.

Its our job to connect you with great people around the world who need your skills, dedication, passion and financial support.

With the help of our volunteers our projects are able to provide essential support to communities who are struggling –  through education, house building, water projects, sport, childcare, wildlife conservation and community development. All our projects are locally run by dedicated people who work tirelessly to make a difference – our job is to support them by finding great people like you who will support them with your time and financially

Our Objectives

  • To work with our partners with a view to them becoming fully self-funded and locally managed with minimal requirement for external support.
  • To ensure all volunteer placements are of real and genuine value to the community and meet an identified local need
  • To encourage the transfer of volunteer skills to local staff wherever possible
  • To help fund the continued development of partner projects through ongoing volunteer donations and post-placement volunteer fund raising.
  • To assist our partners when ever we can in terms of ongoing marketing and fundraising support